“There is no truth. There is only perception”



Mixed Media on Brass

20″ x 20″ x 4″




“…if you come from a big city like New York, gun control was a real problem whereas if you come from the country we shoot everything, we
Toilet bowls, we shoot trees we shoot, like were just trying to pass time…”

The idea of a Brass Canvas sprouted from these words, as a commentary on the interpretation of symbolism. Thousands of actual spent pistol casings are used in creating each Brass Canvas piece. Creating art from a highly divisive, and controversial medium invites the viewer to question what their own perspective lets them see in this work.

Matt Tumlinson is a multifaceted artist, raised in rural central Texas, currently residing in San Antonio. Although, his career as a full time artist began in 2014, art has been a common thread and constant presence throughout his life. His work has been showcased in fine art galleries throughout the country and garnered attention with collectors from around the world. Matt Tumlinson is currently represented by The La Jolla Gallery- La Jolla California, The Copper Shade Tree Gallery- Round Top, Texas, and The Red Truck Gallery- New Orleans, Louisiana.

100% of the Proceeds Go to the Artists!

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