“Venice at Sunrise”


“Venice at Sunrise”

“…The life of an Artist in south Texas was not realistic if one was  considering raising a family in a lifestyle of a professional . Therefore I chose architecture because it gave me the professional status as well as the ability to continue to use my creative ability using drawing as a means to convey my visions to others…”

8” x 10”

Senior Principal, Chairman
Overland Partners

As Chairman of the Board and a Founding Principal of Overland, Tim is legendary for the energy and passion he brings to his projects and clients. His work throughout the US, Europe, China, India, and Saudi Arabia, pushes beyond the limits of their geographical locations, toward contemporary sustainable solutions, with a desire to create memorable spaces where individual building objects are secondary to the spatial experience. Tim is an extraordinary creative force whose work syntheses art, architecture and use of natural light. He has worked on over 150 award winning, sustainable projects from single-family homes to the design of new cities around the world. Tim is also an artist and spends several weeks each summer painting in Italy, as well is in his art studio with other local artists. His love of art and knowledge of other artists’ work has allowed him to integrate art throughout his projects.

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